Looking for a place to advertise your business that is low cost and in your budget? This is where you want to be. We dont only make your business shine but we also let you write your own ad. We can also do that for you if needed. On here you will be able to advertise your business card or banner with a brief description. Here we keep in touch with the companies that we advertise for. Keep the information and images fresh. Stay on top of the hottest social media and marketing. The fact that advertising can be done through banners and business cards and can be done well by the right wording on the ad.

  • To survive, consumer good companies must constantly research the markets, develop new ways to advertise.
  • Proper advertising strategy, including Web advertising, is critical to the welfare of any company in the consumer goods industry.

All packages are for (1) one year terms and do have a 10% off renewal fee. All packages are Facebook post per month. The setup fee is non-negoitable and can't be waived. Your business name will automatically be listed in Real People's Ratings website.


Monthly Fee

Setup Fee

# of Facebook posts




2 (image)




10 (image/text)




20 (image/text)




Unlimited (image/text)