Paul Allen has been developing websites with WordPress and the web tool for years and is the COO and web designer for Affordable Website Development. With the advertising of the papers starting to fade away slowly, Paul saw the opportunity to start the website development company. Paul knew that the future of his company was going to be on the internet.

With a team of young web designers, Paul helped start a new website to allow customers many different options for all the services that he provides.

During his time managing the companies, Paul helped to add more websites to the company portfolio. While Paul designed new websites for all his client's, Paul also started to redesign other companies websites. Companies saw the work and creativity that Paul, Chris and his team have accomplished. The network’s websites are read and enjoyed by people all over the world. Their online stores service customers all over the world.

While running Affordable Website Development, Paul realized that his clients kept asking him and his team for help on their own company websites and a different and more reliable way to advertise. So when free time presented itself they started redesigning other companies websites. The amount of work coming into the company from outside clients, soon began to outweigh the amount of work the team was doing. At that point Paul began to hire more reliable and skilled web designers and advertisers. Paul realized that his clients would need help with more than just their websites. They would also need help social media, custom content creation, and navigating the ever-changing internet. Paul offered website plans to his bigger clients and to other businesses who need their websites to perform at a constant and steady high level.

Today Affordable Website Development has many different employees. Including programmers, designers, WordPress experts. The company manages the full web presence of many companies. Affordable Website Development is still very young and well-organized, and flourishing in the modern marketplace. Affordable Website Development’s client list is still growing everyday. At Affordable Website Development they deliver on what they promise, and they provide a great web development service. Allowing business owners to unchain themselves from the computer, and focus on their actual job, running the business! Affordable Website Development has many different ways to help the customer with all aspects of their company. If the client is having technical issues, Affordable Website Development will make sure all issues are resolved in a timely manner. Affordable Website Development is quite simply put the best possible business for our times. Currently there are five web development jobs for every qualified web developer in America. So the need for a company like Affordable Website Development is greater than ever.

Today Affordable Website Development is still in its first year and beginning to set up partnerships to further its success in the future. For all other inquires please call the Affordable Website Development office at (209) 662-8803.

Affordable Website Development is based out of New York and California where Chris Collar and Paul and most of his team also reside. However Affordable Website Development has picked up clients in many different states. Building sites in not just Florida but also for clients in other states. At Affordable Website Development, the location of the client is never a problem. If it can’t be fixed by email and video chat then Paul, Chris and their staff will find the solution. At the end of the day, it’s a concierge service. So we try to be as accommodating to our customers as humanly possible. I think that sort of customer service is going to take this budding tech company a very long way in the future!