Designing and managing a website is more work then everyone thinks. You have to design it, update it, and make sure it all looks impressive for the client and any customers that visit the site. This is a lot of work of for not only one person but even a team of web developers. That’s why we specializes in full website development and cust design. Like i tell all past, present and future clients, your day to day focus should be to run your business. Focus on and worry about your day to day operations, and let us take care of all your online needs for a low monthly maintenance package. Affordable Website Development can and will handle the maintenance on your website and make sure everything is up-to-date. This is the best way for business owners that want to maximize their business and save some money. 
Social media updates help your website, promote your business and help to make sure your customers know what's happening. The newest form of social media for a business is The Real Peoples Ratings.  Social media marketing is a great way to stay in touch and reach former and future potential clients. If interested in social media marketing for your business, please contact us for a free quote.
Are you looking for a custom website that no one has seen before and that will catch a customers eye? Then you have found the right company to help you achieve not only your goal but your dream. Our web developers specialize in custom website development and will design your new website, to your specific needs. We can take your concept or idea and make it come to life online. At Affordable Website Development, we are committed to making all of our clients dreams come a reality. With an E-Commerce/Online store, shopping online is fast becoming the biggest industry out there. These days most people love to shop online and get deals and not go to the store. We can develop any E-commerce/Online store for any company and individual. 
WordPress is a website content design system that is wildly popular online for web developers because it has a great framework that works on all browsers and on all different surfaces. WordPress also allows the developer to download themes to style the website one way or another. WordPress also allows programmers to develop plugins giving the web developer access to different software options to give your website extra functionality. Things like custom forms, SEO, galleries, and animation are all available software options for web developers in the WordPress.